Our Supporters

Founding Support Organisations

The Acorn School, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire
Borrowby Nursery School, North Yorkshire
Centre for Wise Education ( www.wiseeducation.org.uk )
Iona School (Kindergarten and Nursery)
Mothers at Home Matter ( www.mothersathomematter.co.uk )
National Association for Primary Education
National Campaign for Real Nursery Education ( www.ncne.co.uk )
Open EYE Campaign ( openeyecampaign.wordpress.com )
Playwork London
Primed For Life training associates
Ringsfield Hall Trust/Ringsfield Outdoor Ecocentre ( www.ringsfield-hall.co.uk )
Spark the Imagination Campaign, Bramble Corner ( www.bramblecorner.com )
The Studio Montessori Nursery Centre, Kew Gardens, Richmond
Tumble Tots (UK) Ltd
The Unique Child Project

Founding Supporting Individuals

Elaine Ablett (Masters in Early Years Education & Forest School Practitioner)
Christina Abu-Helil (MA student, Early Childhood Studies; Conference co-ordinator, Researcher)
Arthur Adams
Pat Adams (Registered Childminder, 25+ years)
Clara Aerts (Trainer, Coordinator of international projects for Steiner Early Childhood Education - IASWECE)
Lucy Ainslie (Nursery Owner)
Jane Aizlewood (Solicitor)
Sally Anderson (Nursery Teacher, Milton Keynes)
Erin Andrews
Catherine Armstrong
Dr Ross Ashley (Centre Director, Ringsfield Outdoor Learning EcoCentre)
Tirzah Bagnulo (Early Language Consultant, London Borough of Hillingdon)
Sarah Baker (Early Years Manager)
Robin Balbernie (infant mental health specialist)
Mrs Rita Bannon (B.Ed Hons, Nursery Teacher)
Jean Barlow (teacher, advisor, consultant and trainer)
Mary Barlow (Early Years Trainer and Consultant)
Paddy Beels (OBE, Early Years Educator, Headteacher, Wingate Community Nursery School and Training and Research Base)
Dr Teresa Belton (educational researcher)
Susan Boyce (Primary teacher)
Diane Boyd (Senior early years lecturer, John Moore’s University, Liverpool)
Kath Bransby (Foundation Stage Teacher)
Karin Brett (Early Years Practitioner) )
Annette Brooke (MP)
Caroline Brooks (Early Years Professional and Lecturer in FE)
Sarida Brown (Founder, Caduceus Journal)
Liz Brownlee (children’s poet)
Sarah Bryant (Childminder and Early Years student) )
Liz Buckler (Primary School Teacher; Director of Arts Alive Wales; Early Years advisor)
Maureen Burgoyne (Montessori Teacher and Owner Clevedon Montessori School)
Fiona Carnie (Education Consultant)
Linda Chapman (EYP)
Tanya Chappell (University of Worcester Flexible – PGCE student)
Marie-Louise Charlton (Education Consultant)
Julie Cigman (Early Years consultant, writer and trainer)
Liz Clarke (Forest School Practitioner, Bath area)
Anna Colgan (Montessori teacher, and Associate Lecturer, EY, The Open University)
Rosa Collins MA (Early Years Trainer and Consultant)
Dr Sharie Coombes Ed.M., MA (PsychPsych) (Primary Headteacher, psychotherapist, education consultant and trainer)
Pie Corbett (Literacy specialist and author)
Mrs Annie Cox (Playgroup Leader)
Rua Crozier (Early Childhood Studies Undergraduate and Project Worker for Barnardos)
Marguerite Cullen (Nursery Teacher, retired)
Tricia David (Emeritus Professor, Canterbury Christ Church University)
Cassandra De Souza (Educational Psychologist)
Richard Dean (Early Years Practitioner and Forest School Leader)
Bimal Dharsi Karen Dickinson (Director, Music for Little People)
Louise Doublet (Foundation Stage Teacher) John Dougherty (Children’s author)
Roo Douglas (Forest School Practitioner and mum of two) Ellie Dowthwaite
Margaret Edgington (Educational Trainer and consultant – early years)
Wendy Ellyatt (Founder, Unique Child (UQC) Network)
Mary Fawcett (Retired Director of Early Childhood Studies, University of Bristol)
Kim Flaeschner (KinderHaus Childminding Service)
Dr Lesley A. Forrest (Psychodynamic Psychotherapist UKCP)
Clare Forshaw (Nursery Teacher; B.Ed. Hons; MA Ed.)
Gail Frampton (Senior Lecturer, School of Education and Professional Development, University Campus Oldham)
Karen Francis (Deputy Head, Infant and Nursery School with Integrated Children’s Centre, Norfolk)
Philip Gammage (Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Nottingham)
Sue Gerhardt (psychotherapist, author of ‘Why Love Matters’)
Bernadette Gibbs (Nursery Principal, Bubbles Nursery CT13 0QB, BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies, EYPS, and EYPS Mentor at Canterbury Christ Church University)
Sally Goddard Blythe (MSc, Director of Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology, Chester and author on child development)
Pat Gordon Smith (Former editor, ‘Early Education’, Ph.D. student, Institute of Education, University of London)
Yvonne Gorman (Primary School teacher)
Sara Greedy (Isle of Wight College)
Stacey Green (childminder)
Baroness Susan Greenfield (neuroscientist, Oxford University)
Anne Greve Ph.D. (associate professor, Early Childhood Education and Care)
Jane Hallman (EYFS Co-ordinator)
Claudia Hamminger-Stone (Early Years Practitioner)
Dean Hemming (Early Years Practitioner)
Patricia Higham (early years adviser, eyp, published poet)
Penny Holland (Academic Leader, Early Childhood Studies, London Metropolitan University)
Jeanne Holloway (Educational Adviser and author)
Grethe Hooper Hansen (ex-president of SEAL)
Anna Hope (parent)
Dr Richard House, C.Psychol. (University of Roehampton, editor of ‘Too Much, Too Soon?’)
David Hunt (Managing Director, Tumble Tots (UK) Ltd)
Nina Hurst (early years teacher at a Stockport primary school)
Catherine Hutchinson (EYP/Forest School Leader)
Professor Barry Hymer (Cumbria University)
Karen Hynes (BN (Hons); PG Dip: Promoting Children's Mental Health; MA Child Studies; former Health Visitor)
Annette James (Public Health Strategic Lead for Children - working for social and economic justice)
Agnes Javor (Steiner Waldorf special needs teacher)
Karen Jenkins (Primary School teacher and mother)
Mary Jones (nursery teacher)
Ammo Kambo APFS, CFP (Chartered & Certified Financial Planner, Associate Director) )
Fiona Kemp (headteacher and Head of Centre)
Brenda Kennedy (BA Hons Early Years Childcare student and childminder)
Amanda King (Childminder)
Frances Laing (journalist and blogger)
Theresa Lane (Headteacher)
Martin Large (publisher, author of ‘Set Free Childhood’)
Carol Lawson (Teacher and home educator)
Penelope Leach Ph.D (Institute for the Study of Children, Families & Social Issues, Birkbeck College, University of London)
Trisha Lee (Artistic Director, MakeBelieve Arts)
Louise Livingston (Director of Training, Maria Montessori Institute (AMI))
Dr Andrew Lockett (Early Years Consultant)
Helen Long
Katherine Lucraft-Mee
Jo Lutas (Isle of Wight College)
Rachel McClary (Writer, Early Education Consultant and Parent)
Mel McCree (outdoor play and learning researcher, University of Gloucestershire)
Heather Macdonald (Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood, University of Chester)
Vici McKeown (LeapFrog Education)
Eddie McKinnon (Principal Researcher, Pen Green Research, Development and Training Base, Corby)
Dr Linda Mallory (Educational Psychologist)
Karen Malone (Nursery Manager)
Jan Marks (Senior Lecturer, Early Childhood, University of Chester)
Dorothy Marlen (Early years educator and author of ‘The Parent and Child Handbook’)
Alison Martin (EYP)
Gill Mason (Enterprise Director for a centre specialising in children’s workforce qualifications)
Dr Brien Masters (founder, London Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar and education author)
Ed Mayo (co-author, ‘Consumer Kids’)
Margaret Mears (Maggie May’s Childminding Service)
Michelle Melson (parent)
Gabriel Millar (poet)
Sarah Miller (Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant)
Eleanor Milligan (Education Professional and Lifelong Learner)
Eleanor Moody (EYP)
Sabina Moore (B.Sc., Early Years Professional)
Sharon Morgan (Early Years Practitioner)
Samantha Mosley (Early Years Teacher)
Alison Moulden
Mary Mountstephen (specialist teacher and founder of kidscansucceed.com)
Professor Emeritus Janet Moyles (Early Years and Play Consultant)
Vicky Mummery (Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood, London Metropolitan University)
Dawn Murphy (Operational Manager, Children’s Links)
Agnes Nairn (Professor of Marketing, EM-Lyon Business School, Co-author of ‘Consumer Kids’ and UNICEF UK report on materialism and inequality)
Dawn Nasser (Principal Rose House Montessori School/Spectrum Montessori Ltd)
Sarah Neville (childminder and early years writer, Knutsford Childminding)
Julie Newnham (Kindergarten teacher)
Emma Nicklin (Early Years Practitioner)
Janni Nicol (Early Childhood Consultant and author)
Helena Nilsson (Wildflowers Kindergartens)
Anne O'Connor (Independent early years consultant, trainer and writer, Cushla Early Years Consultancy, Lancaster)
Dr Jayne Osgood (London Metropolitan University)
Sue Palmer (literacy specialist, author of ‘Toxic Childhood’)
Philip Parkin (General Secretary, Voice)
Leslie Patterson (Headteacher of Etherley Lane Nursery School)
Katerina Pechova
Mrs Sarah Pendrick (full-time parent)
Laura Perrins (mother)
Bruce Potts (international education consultant specialising in Early Years)
Nikki Potts (Mother)
Jonathon Porritt (Founder Director, Forum for the Future)
Linda Pound (Early Years Consultant and writer)
Patrick Pritchett (Primary School Headteacher)
Philip Pullman (writer)
Penny Raison (Early Years Teacher)
Fiona Ramasami (frustrated parent)
Nikki Reid (childminder)
Professor Colin Richards (HMI, retired)
Stefan Richter (entrepreneur and consultant)
Dr Kathy Ring (Senior Lecturer in Early Years, York St John University)
Karen Ripper (qualified teacher and trainee child psychotherapist)
Marian Rist (Ofsted Registered Childminder and Playgroup Leader)
Jill Robinson (educator)
Dr Maria Robinson (Early Years Consultant)
Samantha Rooke (Technical Director, Tumble Tots (UK) Ltd)
Dr Anthea Rose (specialist in family literacy)
Michael Rosen (children's novelist and poet)
Rachel Rutter (parent, former Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator and SENCO)
Alex Sabine (The Island Primary School)
Professor Andrew Samuels (University of Essex)
Dr Anthony Seldon (Wellington College)
Dr Rupert Sheldrake (writer/scientist)
Dot Shirley (retired nursery/reception teacher in Sandwell)
Dr Aric Sigman (child health education lecturer and writer)
Carolyn Silberfeld Cass School of Education and Communities)
Kim Simpson (Montessori teacher, counsellor/coach)
Brita Smith (childminder for 18 years)
Cath Soulsby
Shirley Speakman (BA Hons., Accredited Childminder)
Deborah Spence (Wyvern Nursery Group Manager)
Debs Spratling (Child Support Worker)
Susie Steel (Foundation Stage Teacher)
Liz Steinthal (Head of Educare Small School)
Clare Stevenson (BSc (Hons) – Public Health; Childminder)
Mrs Julie Stott
Janet and Mik Stovold (childminders)
Gillian Sykes (Senior Lecturer in Early Years, University of Northampton)
Jennifer Sykes (Community Teacher)
Jill Tina Taplin (Steiner Waldorf early childhood consultant and educator)
Rachel Tapping (Parent & Child Group Leader)
Nina Taylor (Early Years practitioner and childcare lecturer in Hampshire)
Pippa Taylor (Administrative Director of MakeBelieve Arts)
Ross Thompson (Laurel Farm Kindergarten)
Emeritus Professor Brian Thorne (University of East Anglia and the Norwich Centre)
Deborah Thorsby (Childminder) (since 2000)
Theresa Trapp (Kindergarten Leader, Exeter Steiner School)
Suzy Tutchell (Senior Lecturer in Early Years and Primary Education, University of Winchester)
Dr Mathias Urban (Reader in Education, University of East London, Cass School of Education and Communities)
Sue Vermes (Headteacher, maintained nursery school and children's centre)
Philip Waddell (poet)
Rev. Dr Chris Walton (Trustee of Ringsfield Outdoor Learning EcoCentre)
Penny Webb (Registered Childminder)
Mary Whalley (independent consultant)
Jan White (Early Childhood Natural Play – Consultant for Outdoor Provision in the Early Years)
Murray White (UK Representative, International Council for Self-esteem)
Dr David Whitebread (University of Cambridge)
Sue Wilcockson (EYPS, BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies, EYPS Assessor/Lecturer, University of Derby, student MA Education (Early Years))
Bryonie Williams (Early Years Teacher)
Francine Williams
Susie Williams
Dr Mark Williamson (Director, Action for Happiness)
Jane Willis
Marie Willis
Professor Jonathan Wolff (Department of Philosophy, University College London)
Morgan Woodland (Parent and play therapist (retired))
Joy Worthington (Flutterbyes Childminding)
Maulfry Worthington (Children's Mathematics Network and PhD student, VU University, Amsterdam)
Tina Youngman (Steiner Kindergarten trainee)

Founding 'Overseas'* Supporters (*meaning outside of England)

Joan Almon (Director, US Alliance for Childhood)
Steve Biddulph (Psychologist and author)
Mike Greenaway (Director, Cyfarwyddwr / Play Wales)
Dr Diane Jackson (Executive Director Connect Child and Family Services, Adjunct Fellow, University of Western Sydney, NSW State Convenor, Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY))
Professor Lilian G. Katz (Emerita, & Co-Director of the Clearinghouse on Early Education and Parenting, University of Illinois)
Professor Saville Kushner (University of Auckland)
David Lorimer (Chief Executive, Character Scotland)
Professor Anne Merete Ottertstad (University College Oslo, Norway)
Professor Kerry Robinson (University of Western Sydney, Australia)
Dr Sebastian Suggate (Universität Regensburg)
Colwyn Trevarthen (Professor (Emeritus) of Child Psychology, Edinburgh University)